What do I REALLY need when baby gets here?

June 17, 2018


   So you get the positive pregnancy test, and you’re excited but you’re also thinking …. NOW WHAT?!?


       So you Google… What to do when you’re pregnant

                      What to do when you get a positive                         pregnancy test?

                      What to do next??


   So you call your OBGYN and make an appointment, and after that appointment they’ve calmed your excited nerves enough that your thinking somewhat straight again. Then you start getting excited about the fun part, preparing which means buying which means decorating!! YaY!!! 

  Shopping trip for the girls or mom or maybe you and hubby, but what do you buy and what do you register for?? That’s where we have come in, you go back to Google and found our amazing little blog and that is precisely what we are going to talk about today.

   So you don’t want to go registering and shopping without being prepared because then you end up buying a whole bunch of stuff you should have registered for and a whole bunch of stuff you should not  have registered for. I know it’s complicated and right now you aren’t feeling all that excited instead your feeling more overwhelmed. I understand.


   Let’s put it this way…..


   You see this adorable little sign that will look sooo     amazing on her wall… yes you should buy it, no you         shouldn’t register for it, anything decorative that       you want to match the nursery isn’t something I would     leave to someone else to purchase.




   You see this pack of white onesies, diaper genie, or       an organizational system for the closet that is           perfect for your baby girl, that I would register for!     Those are things that are more necessities and             something that other moms, grandmas, and those that       don’t have kiddos will understand “Hey she needs that!     I am going to get that!”


   So to help you out I have created a partial list of things you should register for to make things go a little smoother for your trip down preparation lane….


  • Onesies (wide head opening and loose legs)

  • One piece pajamas

  • Blanket sleepers for winter baby

  • Sweaters or jackets (winter baby)

  • Rompers or other dress up outfits

  • Socks or booties

  • No scratch mittens

  • Baby monitor

  • A cool mist humidifier

  • Crib mattress pads

  • Crib sheets

  • Receiving blankets

  • Diaper pail and liners

  • Diaper cream

  • Baby wipes

  • Washcloths

  • Bathtub

  • Soap and shampoo

  • Hairbrush

  • Baby laundry detergent

  • Bottles and nipples

  • Milk storage bags

  • Nursing pads

  • Nursing pillow

  • Bottle brush

  • Bibs and burp clothes

  • Pacifiers

  • First aid kit

  • Car seat

  • Swing or bouncer

  • High chair

   Oh! one last thing, don't forget your maternity and newborn pictures! Don't worry you can register for those as well, at least with Jessie Anne Photography you can, so make sure you call us early to book your session and get your registry started before your baby showers! Talk to you soon!



                                   -Jessie Anne










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