Little sweet pea...

March 30, 2018

  I really enjoyed Camille’s session so much. She was such a dainty little girl and just the best little sleeper. I don’t remember her barely making a peep the whole time.The other thing I loved about her session was just how in awe of God’s handy-work her parents were.

  I could just tell that when they looked at her they were just overcome with joy in how God had blessed them. I could be mistaken but I think they both got a little emotional while they were watching me with her. I also thought it was extremely sweet that she was daddies little girl before she was even a week old, she had him wrapped around her little finger he loves her so.

  I was so happy and honored to be able to serve these super sweet parents, that are so used to serving others everyday all day for a living. This little sweet pea is going to be a heart breaker, with a mind to boot... without further ado I introduce you to Mrs. Camille Griffin...

                             -Jessie Anne





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