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June 1, 2016

  The main question I get during the 4 hour session I spend with all my clients, is "why did you decide to become a photographer?" that and is "is this your full time job?" and most of the time it comes from dad. Well to answer the second question yes it is a full time job, I love my full time job, and I know a lot of people don't see being a newborn photographer as a full time job but it really is, running any business is, your always doing something to keep your business a float. The first question for the life of me I struggle with all the time.When I graduated high school I didn't have the slightest idea as to what I wanted to do in life. I first thought I wanted to become a doctor, but quickly realized blood and guts weren't for me. 

  I actually have a degree in Dental Assisting and love doing that, but I knew that wasn't my passion my love, something I wanted to be doing in my 50's when my kids would be in school and needing my time. That's what I actually wanted to do,be a mom. I knew if someone would pay me to be a mom I would be set, but that was out of the question(even though in my book mom's should get paid for everything they do!).I love kids and I've always had a creative side in me, I love to cook and sew and create! I've always loved taking pictures, even some of my mom's pictures of me when I was a kid on vacation I had some form of a camera(usually the instant polaroid kind!). 



  I didn't really find that passion in me until a moved back to memphis from kansas city, where I lived for 6 years. I kind feel as if I lost sight of myself for a while and when I moved back it was like my chance to find me, and figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. I am a very socially quiet person(even though some of my friends and family would disagree).It takes a lot for me to walk up to someone I've never met a strike up a conversation, so to be able to bring someone into my world and coax out their best them wasn't something I thought I could do, I mean you have to be an outgoing artist to be able to take pictures of people. So I let my fears keep me from moving forward, I wasn't sure I would be good at it. 

  I didn't know if it was my passion or if anyone would like my work, I was scared. I am scared. I am cautious. I've come to realize that my passion isn't photographing people for the sake of making photographs. It has nothing to do with being able to sell a canvas of your children with matching frames. 

  I have no desire to walk in, pose you, and walk away with a payment. 

  How does this apply to my "why"?I met my good friend when I moved back in town, she was a dental assistant and her daughter was pregnant at a very young age. Her daughter had no money or any idea as to how to be a mother. I had the amazing opportunity of capturing her babies first week. I didn't know the first thing about newborn photography or how to pose them or what to do to make them sleep, all I knew was a good friend of mine knew I liked taking pictures and asked me for my help capturing her sweet grandbaby and I never knew holding that sweet little 3 day old would change my life forever. 


  so why am I a photographer?


  I am a photographer so that my best friend can remember the sweet little nervous butterflies she had the day she brought baby home from the hospital.


  I am a photographer so that my best friend can relive that sweet little smile as her little boy sees his momma's face. 


  I am a photographer so that my best friend can witness those little fleeting moments that are gone so quick in that first week of life.


  I am a photographer so that my best friend can forever cherish the milestones that happen so quickly.


  I am a photographer because I experience joy every single time I capture a moment that won't ever be able to be recreated.


  I am a photographer because that baby won't be a baby forever and I want to capture how wonderful he truly is from their sweet little butterfly eyelashes to their ten twinkly toes; how wonderful his parents truly are and that feeling they feel holding their sweet little baby.



                                    -Jessie Anne






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