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September 27, 2015






Any of your children remember what a floppy drive is? You must save them to a floppy, they said. 


And so I did...


And then they stopped making floppy disks.


You must NOW save them to a CD or DVD, they said.


And so I did....


And then Apple stopped making CD drives. 


You must NOW save them to a hard drive or USB drive, they said. 


And so I did....


and then the hard drive failed to open and the USB drive reads empty. 


You must NOW upload them to the cloud, they said.


And so I did....


And there they sit today until the next thing comes along.


Meanwhile, the print over the fireplace looks down and smiles, and the family photo albums on the bookshelf nudge each other and giggle....


xoxo Missy Mwac 



          just a friendly reminder to print your photos!



                                      -Jessie Anne




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