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What a Year!!!

Oh my goodness guys! what a year this has been, Am I Right?!? I know its been a while since you've heard from me on here, well we were shut down for a while due to covid-19 and then we opened back up with severe restrictions and I received some amazing news, I am Pregnant!! AAAHHH RIGHT?!? So ever since then I have been seeing clients on a strict restrict basis, and still am, as this covid-19 virus is nothing to play with especially for us pregos and for new mommies with new babies.

We here at Jessie Anne Photography have been doing everything in our power to keep us as well as our most precious clients safe during this time. Meaning that we have been doing normal things like washing all our props and clothes in between every session and wiping the entire studio down, but as well as the out of the ordinary like lysoling our couch, wearing a mask, only allowing the absolute necessary people in the house for the session and scheduling sessions in sparsity. Which isn't convenient or great for small businesses like mine but if it means we are all healthier and better for it, I know my clients understand and will stand by me for it.

So that being said, I know when I am able to I will be getting the vaccine as I have 3 parents that are in the first responder category and I trust the medical community and know that this is the only way back to normal. Thats what we all really want anyway is to get back to normal right? Normal, what is normal anymore anyway?? well for me I know my normal is about to change drastically as I mentioned before I am pregnant, with my first sweet baby and my husband and I couldn't be more happier!!

That being said y'all know you will of course being hearing quite a bit about my sweet baby girl, oh yes we are having a GIRL!! YaY!!!! Especially when she gets here, because what momma doesn't like to brag?? We found out back in June we were pregnant and everything has been so great, so far. We had our drive by baby shower a couple weeks ago in November and got a lot of great things, and now we are just waiting out our time left preparing as much as new parents can. I know I've talked your ear off about our sweet little girl, that's due in March, back to business that being said, I will be taking some time off in March to get used to my new role as mom and learning how to juggle my new life.

I will be taking on new clients up until the end of Feb. though so don't hesitate to message me on your new little ones, I will be happy to help anyway I can. Things are a little different than the usual though as I am not doing in person consultations right now, I will do them over the phone and send you the info you need afterwards. I also am doing ordering sessions over the phone as well due to covid-19 and wanting to protect my clients and my family as much as possible. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our new policies and procedures just message me and let me in on your situation and life and we will figure it out together! Until next time, talk to you soon!

Jessie Anne

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