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Easy ways to Print your Pictures

Last week I talked about my biggest obsession, which is printing your photos versus having digitals in a digital world, and why that is so important. Today I am going to follow up on that with the easiest way to print your images, now there are two types of images and two ways to print each type. some of these ways are more for the images you take on your phone, and then the other is to hire a professional, such as yours truly.

Printing your pictures is as easily done as it is said. You can approach it several different ways. I use them all. One way is to take advantage of quick, easy DIY printing projects. Another way is to hire a professional photographer for gorgeous, high-impact wall art. Both approaches take the pressure off you and put prints where you can enjoy them daily. Here are three easy ways for you to get started:

Free Prints

The next time Shutterfly sends you a coupon for free prints, USE IT! Yes, you pay shipping so it’s technically not free, but it’s an inexpensive way to have prints on hand for art projects, thank you notes, school requests and more. Now I know last week I talked about shutterfly and how they are not the best place to get your images printed, like I said I meant your professional already edited images, your images you take on your phone Shutterfly is the best way to get those off your phone and in your home and I am a huge proponent of that.

You can have a family photo box with hundreds of random 4×6 prints. Let your kids know they can use anything in that box for crafting, assignments and more. Whenever you get a freebie email, simply log in to your account and print the last 100 pictures you uploaded (even if they are several years old). You can even do 50 and get 2 of each. It takes about 5 minutes. Because this is just a box of extras, don’t worried about quality or the most recent pictures you never uploaded. Keep it quick and simple.

Free Gifts

Many printing companies will occasionally offer free gifts to subscribers. Yes, they want you to try the new products and you pay shipping charges, but it’s also an inexpensive way to create something fun or yourself or as a gift for friend. So when Shutterfly sends you this last month . . .

You can print off magnets or postcards or anything using last photos you took on your phone!

Bonus DIY Printing Projects

I’m also a huge fan of Minted’s holiday photo cards, Shutterfly’s desktop calendars and albums from both Artifact Uprising and Picaboo. But all of these printing projects require a little more time and planning. “Quick and easy” depends on your level of experience with each company, website/app, product, and honestly, your vision.

Hire a Professional Photographer

The third way to ensure you print your pictures is to simply let a professional photographer handle it. Not only is this the easiest way, it also provides the best quality and biggest WOW factor in wall art, albums, gifts and more.

Professional photographers have access to the world’s best printing labs. When you work with Jessie Anne Photography you can be sure quality is of the utmost importance whether you are printing a gift for grandma or a huge wall art display for your home.

My child and family photography clients know that I’m a stickler for crisp, sharp images with accurate color. While I love the freebies I mentioned before, they simply don’t compare to the beauty of professional labs. That’s why I offer complimentary wall art design. I believe in my products and want to make printing easy breezy for you. Everybody wins.

Here are two examples of my wall art design program in use. It helps me show clients exactly how different layouts and sizes look on concept walls, as well as the walls of their own home.

So many people want big wall installations but have no idea where to start. Take the easy road and hire a professional photographer to handle it all.

Don’t let your digitals gather dust on your desktop or phone. Print your pictures! They deserve to be seen and enjoyed. Happy printing!

-Jessie Anne

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