• Jessie Anne

Keeping Cozy for Cold Sessions

We have seen some crazy weather here in Memphis,Tn this season. We go from 60's to 30's and back to 60's again! As a photographer who typically shoots outdoors using natural light, I’ve found that clients are sometimes hesitant to keep their scheduled sessions when the weather takes a turn toward freezing.

No photographer wants to cancel, or even reschedule, sessions if at all possible. After speaking with several clients who had concerns about the cold, windy weather, I realized it could actually work to our benefit! For those who were willing to brave the cold temps, we added in pops of color or pattern with cute pea coats (especially darling on little ones!), thick blankets, cozy sweaters, scarves, and hats. These pieces gave us some nice layers to play with and also acted as an interesting element in the images. I have loved embracing the elements this season to really play up the winter look … and who doesn’t like an excuse to cuddle extra close to those they love most anyway?

-Jessie Anne

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