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Baby Patel

Hey there guys,

Man I sure was liking that warm sunny sunshine we got last weekend, huh? now I think we get our getting the weather we are supposed to get for February. I don't mind don't get me wrong but I wish Mother Nature would decide and stick with it, lol.

You know one of the things I enjoy most about my job is meeting all the new people and capturing their most special moments with them. Something about being able to enjoy and be involved in a special moment with a family that just gives me such joy throughout every day!

I also love sharing these wonderful moments with you guys. The moments I am sharing today are of a sweet baby girl that is a first born, a daddy's girl the moment she hit his arms, and loved by so many family members it is impossible to name them all.

Ms. Patel is a one of kind that was a rockstar at her session and won't be soon forgotten in this photographers book! well without further ado I introduce you to sweet baby Patel...

-Jessie Anne

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