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HP… you mean CG? lol

hey there everyone,

I hope everyone is got all their Christmas shopping done, if not at least most of it.. right? I am one of those annoying people that does all their Christmas shopping online the weekend after thanksgiving and sits and waits for it to come in! I know I know I hear it from my mom and everyone else all the time… {whiney voice} "well good for you!!" lol!!

I am so excited for this Christmas as there are soo many presents I am ready for peeps to open!!! I am like a little kid when it comes to Christmas BUT in the opposite way, I LOVE giving to people! Trying to come up with the perfect present all year that I know they will absolutely love and adore and one they would never think of or ask for, it is the best way to fill your heart with gladness and love!

I got the amazing opportunity to shoot this sweet little baby boy a while back, {yes I know I am behind, shhh!!} his momma came to me wanting me to do her images even from the beginning and was going to contact me the next week to book me, but then baby said nope time for me to make my arrival! Boy he was the best baby for me getting him right at the end of his 2 weeks!!

His momma is a huge Harry Potter fan and so is my future in-laws as well as my fiancee but it wasn't until this baby boy that I decided it might be best for me to read the books and then watch the movies. I've gotten through the first book and watched the first movie and yes I have to say I am hooked, but I do love the book way more than the movie! ok ok I know I am rambling, without further ado let me introduce you to the next Harry Potter… Mr. Camden Green

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