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Sweet little baby boy…

Hey there everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying their wonderful winter season leading up to an amazing Christmas time! Oh yes it is only 13 more days until Christmas Eve!!! YaY!!

I love this time of year, I am like a big kid when it comes all the presents and decorations and lights and oh my goodness just everything!! I remember as a kid my parents used to drive us around and look at all the holiday lights on the houses. It seems like nowadays at least in my neighborhood not too many people decorate for Christmas.

A bunch of fuddy duddies that's what they are… lol! I always end up spending way too much on everyone else's presents as I want everyone to be happy and surprised!

I wanted to take the time today to introduce you to a sweet baby boy I got the chance to photograph a little while back, he was so sweet and cute, and momma and daddy were so happy to have him! It was like Christmas morning all over!! Momma was a big fan of Jessie Anne Photography from the very beginning and was very excited to book us to do her baby boy's newborn session. I am always giddy when it comes to new people that absolutely love my work!

Well I was honored and thrilled to be able to capture baby boy for this momma and daddy and I hope everyone is able to enjoy some of the wonderful images we got that day for years to come! so without further ado it is my pleasure to introduce you to the very handsome Harrison Greer Sumner…

-Jessie Anne Photography

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