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Hands down it's fall!

Hey there everyone,

I feel like fall is finally here! YaY!! I am so excited I absolutely love the fall time when the leaves are changing colors and there is a crisp coolness in the air and everyone is baking or doing wonderful crafts! I am definitely one that loves baking and doing wonderful little crafts year round not just in the fall.

I have always loved working with my hands whether it be making a porch swing made out of wood or baking an apple pie during the fall or my homemade black cat cookies on Halloween! I guess that is why I love working with babies so much!

Working with babies requires you to work with your hands a lot that and be very patient! I plan on doing a lot of my own decorations for my wedding as well; I currently am in the process of painting a pumpkin for my wedding next year!

When working with my babies I love to get on their level and sit on the ground in front of where I am placing them and warm my hands by my little heater then I mold them into the position I need them to stay in and hold them there until I know they are comfortable and back off to sleep or restful quietness.

I also work with my hands when I edit your photos. It usually takes me about 3 weeks to edit your photos and the reason being is because I go in and carefully make sure every inch of your photo is perfect in every way. From the acne on babies forehead to taking out that unwanted trashcan in the background of your maternity photos, to making sure mommas skin looks super smooth and her eyes pop like the beauty she is!

All that small tiny creative work is detail oriented and allows me to work with my hands and you to end up with the best possible pictures. I hope everyone out there takes full advantage of this wonderful fall season and get out and do something fun and creative! Talk to you soon!

-Jessie Anne

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