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Beach Trip, Huge Rock and A lot of Light!!

Hey guys,

Wow what a crazy busy couple of weeks! I hope everyone has had a good summer and is back in school and survived the first week, especially all the mommas out there. You know going back to school is always a big time of the year for moms and babies alike. Every year this time of year I get a flood of images all over my Facebook and Instagram of all the little ones going back to school and moms and dads taking pictures to remember. I have found a couple of them that made me smile.All the little kiddos aren’t they cute!?!

As you all know every year I go to the beach with my mom and my sister and do a weekend girl’s trip and we have fun! Well this year I decided to go with my boyfriend and his family to Fort Morgan AL and it was a lot of fun!

I got a lot of pictures to show you guys as some might know my boyfriend is a photographer as well and it was nice to be able to have someone to share my creative thinking with as we got sunset shots and he even was able to show me how to get some amazing lightning shots over the ocean!

I also have some wonderful news to share with y'all! I am now the future Mrs. Jessica Nelson!!!! Yes, my boyfriend proposed at the beach and it was so romantic and amazing. I will of course share some of the details of the wedding as time goes along. We have decided to have it next November, which I know seems like a long time away but it will be worth it and for personal reasons it works out best for us. I hope everyone has a good week and I look forward to talking more with you later this week! Ciao for now!!

-Jessie Anne

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