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What A Week!!!

Hey all you beautiful mommas out there! What a week I have had, I hope yours has been better! We have had some amazing beautiful weather this week and I LOVE the cool down we have had but of course with all good things must come something bad. I had the worst sinus headache ever the first 3 days of this week. The show must go on though!

I had an amazingly busy week this week, so much so that I literally passed out every night at like 8! I know I know I'm getting old… speaking of you know last week was my birthday and I am always excited for my birthday to come around, I mean I look at birthdays like it's the one day a year to celebrate who you are as a person and everyone celebrates with you!!

Boy did everyone celebrate with me this week!! I felt so LOVED I am so happy to have the most amazing people in my life! I was able to go canoeing with my sister and wonderful brother in law the weekend before my birthday and then got to celebrate all week long with my wonderful family. Then the weekend after I got to celebrate with my amazing boyfriend and his family, by going out to eat and going out to Brighton to shoot some skeet. I know not everyone agrees with guns and shooting and I understand why, but as I was raised more southern and with a dad that hunts they are a part of my life and who I am.

So this week was crazy busy and thank goodness this weekend we didn't have anything majorly busy planned so we can catch on things around the house, such as laundry cleaning and putting away our toys from the last two weekends, like the tent and the guns. My boyfriend and I like to have fun in the outdoors we are definitely outdoor people throughout the summer time, from camping,canoeing to swimming at the lake to shooting skeet, and tomorrow were going paddle boarding so that should be fun!

There is so much to do around the memphis area its unreal! Shelby Farms has an amazing playground for kids, that actually has a tunnel that is covered in vines! Then they have paddle boarding and canoeing and kayaking in that huge new pond they have! You can also fish over at the agricenter pond… all these things and a drive in movie theatre over on summer make for some awesome fun during the summer! Well I hope everyone's week was good and has an even better weekend! Get out and enjoy this wonderful weather!! Go the zoo or just out to play at Shelby Farms!

See you out there!!

-Jessie Anne

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