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So like I’ve mentioned before I get asked the question at consultations all the time, what is it my session fee pays for and my answer is always the time and talent of the photographer as well as custom props for your individual session that is customized for you and your family. Part of the time and talent of the photographer that I mention is me editing your photos. I hand edit all of your photos, to make you and your family look your absolute best you can possibly look. So today I thought I would go over some of the things I do when editing your photos to make them look the best they can.

  1. Usually I first start out by softening your skin; make sure and senior, mom, dad or baby’s skin looks smooth and bright. This usually helps to make mom and dad look younger (moms love that!).

  1. Then I go in and make sure any and all baby acne or regular acne is gone, any rough spots on the skin are taken away.

  2. Now let’s talk eyes, everyone wants bright beautiful eyes and that’s what I try to make sure of. If you can see the color in your eyes, I make them just a little brighter and whiter as well as I like a little catch light (shine) in them which makes them look nice pretty and healthy. I also make sure to make mom’s eyelashes pop a little more than they already do.

After that unless mom, dad or my senior has any special requests I go on to start the editing process on the image as whole. That’s when I get my creative juices flowing and perfects the image whether that means making it a black and white image that pops or a matte color image. It just depends on what the image is and how it speaks to me, yes I know that sounds crazy but it’s the truth, Images speak to every photographer. There are certain photos that just beg to be black and white and some that are inherently supposed to be color.It's all based off the image and the client, because that's what I am here for… to make you happy!

P.S. as an added bonus I've attached a short video of me editing one of my senior session photos, to give you a little behind the scenes!

-Jessie Anne

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