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Our Favorite Ways to Incorporate Family Photos

We love to add personal touches to our homes we live in; there isn't one friend or person I meet that doesnt. One of our favorite ways to make the home feel complete is to add family photos. This is a great way to personalize a space and show off all your favorite people and memories! Today we've outlined some of our favorite ways to display family photos...

Add 1 large black and white family photo as the focal point in an office. It's a great alternative to the "over the mantel" family photo. I love creating focal points, I do it all the time in my images and to do it in the home creates that WoW factor as well.

I love to put a spin on traditional ways of displaying family photos; like next time try putting colorful prints of travel and family photos running up the stairs in a streamlined but simple way.

Add large scale frames to a hallway with black and white family prints. It amps up the hallway and makes the photos more of a statement space. So many people are scared to go BIG, that's what I am here for. That's why I come to your home and do ordering sessions instead of you coming to an office. That way I can see where you would like to put your images and help you to come up with an appropriate size for your area.

There are a lot of moms out there that are scared that they buy that 24x36 image to go in their hallway or above their couch or above the mantel and they are going to regret it and wish they would've gone smaller. I am here to tell you, no one ever regrets going big everyone always regrets not going big, because your nervous to put that big image there and then the next thing you know you put an 8x10 over your huge couch which makes it look even smaller and wonder why it doesn't look like the living room on Fixer Upper that Joanna did, lol (Sorry I love that show! )

When you add oversized black and white photos of family in a great room space, family room or a playroom it adds a playful twist on the family photo and gives it an amazing simplicity! Keep things modern with a grid of family photos in black and white. It creates one large piece of art while displaying lots of different memories.

A great alternative to hanging photos on the wall is layering them on picture ledges. Add custom, original artwork in the mix and you have an instant statement; this is one of my newer more favorite way of placing images around the home. You can add more images to the area without it looking cluttered or like grandmas tv stand or dresser with all her hundreds of grandkid and family images. Let us know how you like to display your images, and if you would like to get some new images made to display click on that button up top that says Contact and send me an email, I'd be happy to help!Talk to you soon!

-Jessie Anne

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