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Hi guys! I am Jessie of Jessie Anne Photography! There are a lot of you out there that know me, whether be professionally or personally, whether you grew up with me or know me through a friend, but I wanted to take a minute and talk to those that don't know me. When your a business owner it's hard to find that fine line of being personable without being unprofessional. I tend to err on the side of being to professional and not sharing enough of my self, I guess I have always been that way, even before I had a business I tended to not show the true me unless you were my best friend. That's why today I wanted to let y'all in on the wonderful world of Memphis's newborn and maternity photographer, Jessie of Jessie Anne Photography or as known to her friends and family Jess. This is how most of you see me, behind a camera...

and this is how my friends and family see me...

I am a mom of two wonderful puppy dogs, a lab named Tess and a puggle named Keiko. I wake up every morning needing a cup of coffee, yes I am addicted to caffeine, but who isn't nowadays?? I have one younger sister, who I love dearly and lives in St. Louis with her husband and puppy. I also have an amazing boyfriend named David that is the pineapple of my eye, lol. You will probably be seeing him a lot around here and on my facebook and instagram(if you haven't followed me, go do it! Like right now, open another tab so you don't lose this one and do it!!). We have so much fun over on our facebook and instagram page, and you get to see a little bit more of me behind the scenes!

I am a animal lover, who hopes to one day be a mom to babies as well as my fur babies. I love to travel, my grandmother instilled that in me and my boyfriend helps to keep that part of me alive, as he loves to travel as well. There is nothing better to me than watching the sun come up from a tree stand in the woods, yes I know there are people that don't like the idea of hunting, but to me thats what makes us all different. I respect the animals of the world and believe that God placed animals on this world to sustain our life, whether that be through food or helping us with our work and life. I am a Christian woman.

I go to church every weekend at Hope Presbyterian with David. I have always been a christian woman, as my parents raised me in a southern baptist church. I have been married before, lived in Kansas City and am a HUGE Kansas City Chiefs Fan! WooHoo!!I am creative person that goes from everything to my flower bed(where my favorite flowers,Peonies, grow)to my home where I make signs and other decorative DIY items to decorate with, it brings me joy to create things, which is the reason I am a photographer. I love creating beautiful items for my clients, I love capturing memories for my clients to look back on for the rest of their lives.I try to live everyday to the fullest and take everyday as it comes.

I am an avengers fan, specifically baby groot fan. I am one of the few that haven't seen all the star wars movies and thanks to David have started completing the series one movie at a time.I am an old soul, I love old cars thanks to my dad. I've always loved the old challengers, chevelle's, and corvettes. I love to camp in a tent, be on the water, whether it be on the beach or the lake. I am a woman, not just any woman a strong woman that loves, hurts, smiles, laughs, and enjoys life.

I live to make people happy, smile, bring tears of joy to their face more than once. I am a photographer and I love to capture life, whether it be the flower blooming for the first time, a baby in its first couple days, a mom and dad realizing that their sweet little girl will never be this small again or a mom and dad seeing their baby girl or boy about to be an adult graduating high school. I love my life and love capturing yours. I look forward to sharing some of my life with y'all through the years, and learning more about all of your wonderful families. Please contact me today to book your session, I look forward to talking to you!

-Jessie Anne

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