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Every photographer has goals, I mean every person in life should have goals but when I say every photographer has goals, I mean that we all have certain shots/images that we would love to capture one day. I am a maternity, newborn, family photographer. I love to take photos, not just of babies or mamas to be or families of all shapes and sizes, but of other things as well. When I go to the beach… the sunrise and sunset, a pelican in front of the sunset on the pier, the waves. When I am around town, I love to capture flowers of all shapes and sizes bright beautifully colored flowers. I have images that I would love to capture one day though that is people and business related.

I love capturing Firefighters and police officers and their sweet babies. I have closeness to them, because of my dad being a firefighter in the city of Memphis. Something about the big protector that is not only DAD but a Police Officer or Firefighter holding this sweet little bundle of joy. It’s like a combination of salty and sweet or tough and fragile, new and worn. It’s what makes life great the passing down of knowledge and protection.

I also love capturing mama’s breastfeeding, now don’t get me wrong a mama feeding her baby in any way is a beautiful bonding moment to be captured, but there is something so wonderful about capturing a mom giving life through her own means to her little one. I love to capture it and give that wonderful gift to moms.

One of my goals going forward is to capture a ballerina dancing and I would love to add another element to it, like powder or water to catch the elements as the movement moves with the person.

I would also like to capture a dad with a lot of tattoos on his arms, holding baby. That would be a work of art, especially as a black and white and to be able to see the different contrasts of dad and baby.

I’ve already dipped my hand in a little bit of boudoir maternity and would love to do that again! Something about a mom so confident in her body’s ability to make a life and carry it for 9months and know that she is absolutely beautiful doing it! It shows through the lens and through the camera and onto the paper, forever! It is truly a wonderful experience to be able to look at yourself in that light and go WOW that’s me!

So you see every photographer has goal images that he/she would like to capture one day and we work to try and make those happen. These are just a tiny bit of my list of goals and maybe one day I will share some more with y’all! ;-) until then call us to book your maternity, newborn or family photo session and maybe we can create some of these wonderful memories together!

-Jessie Anne

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