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Dressing the Bump!!

Hi There! I want to start this post about dressing the bump by saying – if you’re pregnant, you NEED to create a baby registry on Amazon. Not only do they have just about everything you could ever want, they offer free shipping on most items, free returns and the best part – up to a 15% completion discount on all items on your registry! Think about that… a discount on everything you registered for! Plus, Amazon is already the cheapest place to get most things for baby!

Now not that I’ve ever been pregnant, I can honestly say that I can pick out a cute outfit whether it be for me, my friends or my clients and I like to think being a photographer helps me with knowing what colors go well together.

Today I want to share a few of my tips for dressing the bump, as I have been getting a lot of questions about it, and really just want to put it all out there. To be completely honest, I mean, most of the stuff ain’t that cute. Yes, it’s better than it used to be (not so many muumuus!) but still. Feeling cute is HIGH on the list of priorities for a pregnant woman, and sometimes the maternity section just doesn’t cut it. In no particular order, here are a few of my tips for dressing the bump!

1. Open sweaters and kimonos are your friends. Anything that just lays over your shoulders, and thus cannot be stretched out! I love pairing a loose flowy open kimono with a tight and long cami and some leggings or a cute dress.

2. Maternity leggings are a must. They are super soft and comfortable and provide support for that belly! At a lower price range, but still a great option, are Gap maternity leggings. They go perfectly with Hunter boots. I would invest in a few pairs. Also, though, you can totally get away with just wearing regular leggings as well. It’s allll in that elastic waist. BIG THUMBS UP!

3. Size up! Okay, here’s my biggest and most favorite “secret” of dressing the bump: Just size up! Buy regular clothes, all in one or two sizes larger than you usually wear. Boom. Done. You can still wear cute clothes that are in style, and you can still feel like a normal person this way.

4. Elastic waists are the bee’s knees. Shorts, skirts (maxis are the besttttt!), leggings, anything with an elastic waist is your best friend during pregnancy. If you find they cut off your circulation, please, do NOT wear them- this is why those maternity leggings are so great! For variety, get a few pairs of leggings that are a size larger and rock those!

Also, check ThredUp for awesome discounts on brands that you love! They are one of my favorite “secrets” to getting designer clothes at a fraction of the price! I get my clothes from there as well as several of my mommies to be! Go check it out and while your on your internet stop by my page and check out my Maternity and Newborn sessions!! You'll definitely want to book that before your 8 month!! Talk to you soon!!

- Jessie Anne

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