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5 Quick Sleep Hacks For Kiddos

These sleep hacks are amazing!

These are not sleep training programs or long, thought out processes – these are quick and to the point. They are small adjustments you can add to your sleep routine to get those kiddos sleeping easier and better. Lord knows mommas need it sometimes.

Sleep Hacks

1. Sleepy Food – Try this secret ingredient food item (that is probably in your kitchen right now) to help your little ones fall asleep easier. This is one of my most favorite sleep hacks ever!

The secret food? Bananas.

Here’s why: this magic fruit has the perfect blend of natural sleep remedies.

  • Magnesium 34 mg – Natural muscle relaxer

  • Potassium 450 mg – Natural muscle relaxer

  • Melatonin (It’s a tiny amount but I’ll take it! Another food with melatonin is tart cherries.)

  • Seratonin

I had no idea!

2. Lavender – There is story after story on the internet about children being lulled to sleep with the power of lavender essential oil. It’s really incredible. It’s inexpensive, powerful and can be used for a ton of other things. You’d be crazy not to keep a bottle of this around.

3. Weighted Blankets – Placing gentle pressure on kids with a weighted blanket is said to help their body produce chemicals naturally needed to fall asleep, serotonin and endorphins.

4. Black Out Curtains – Darken up that room! In my experience, letting in outside light always keeps me up. It must absolutely be completely dark. There is an awesome product called the Gro-Anywhere Blind that literally folds up and can pop up over any window when you need it. Perfect solution.

5. Once They’re Asleep – Keep Them There – If you can’t seem to keep your kids in their bed throughout the night, try this simple trick to keep them from waking up looking for you. You can Thank this amazing article I read by an amazing doctor for this little trick!

What you need to do: She said that when YOU go to bed, go into his/her room first, hug him/her, kiss him/her, lay with them, cover him/her up…. all things to rouse him/her just a bit. Wake him/her just enough to break him/her out of his/her sleep a little. What this does is that it breaks up his/her sleep cycle. He/she was waking when he/she was switching from his/her REM sleep. Do not wake them up! Just make them stir a bit.Don’t lie down with them or talk to them. Just rub their back, tuck the in, give a kiss on the cheek… just enough to make them switch sleep cycles. This brings them out of their sleep slightly, which is just enough to make them fall back into a deep sleep and hopefully sleep through the night. This made complete sense to me, once she said it.

Bonus!! I just came across this new book they are saying is guaranteed to put your kid to sleep. Have you seen it? It’s called The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep and it looks amazing!! Tell me what you think?!?

If you are looking for a sleep training guide, I recommend Coos to Snooze.

Please remember that I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical knowledge beyond my photographer experience and what I hear from other mommies. I’m just passing along things that have worked for me and others. Perhaps these sleep hacks will work for you as well! Let me know how it works, when you show up for your consultation!!

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