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Unique ways to display your photos!

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You know one thing that makes me happy? looking at amazing images of my friends and family, maybe they are happy times I've had in the past(i.e: a birthday party with old friends, or a trip to Gatlinburg with a love) or maybe they are professional photos I've had taken of my family(yes photographers have professional photos done too!) or professional photos I've taken myself of my babies!(Keiko, my puggle and Tess my Lab) I've always loved displaying images on my wall to look at when you need a good stroll down memory lane! This is why one of my main beliefs as not a photographer but as a person is getting images printed instead of letting them sit on a USB or CD on a shelf.

Now I know what your thinking, Jessie I have the hardest time figuring out what to do with theses images! I understand, that's why I offer my services when you purchase your images from me to also help you find the best place to put them, but when you don't have me here are some amazing ideas you can always go off of to help you get those images on the wall and off the USB!

You can make a photo collage of your most favorite pictures and put it on the wall just like this one. The brown squares and painters tape help you figure out exactly where you want what before placing holes in the wall.

The Framed Wall

In this particular picture, you can see the walls lined up with various pictures either stuck or hung on a frame. Either way, this will be one of the many different ways of displaying photographs in your home that can be considered very inventive.

The Clip On Picture Frames

This is a very unique way of displaying your pictures. It is a very economical endeavor because it will be able to easily replace your pictures whenever you need to. You simply have to unattach it from the line and you will be all set.

A Bright Array Of Pictures

You can post it up on the wall all in a row just like this one. Just make sure that it has a bright background, to make it pop.

Picture Frame Wreath

This is one of the best ideas that you can get if you want to find effective ways of displaying your photographs at home. As a bonus, you can even have a larger picture frame in the middle of the wreath.

Pictures In A Jar

To add magic to your pictures, why don’t you put them in a picture jar with all the other trinkets that you have as a reminder?

A Picture Puzzle

If you’re looking for a different kind of picture frame, why don’t you try this one? all you would need to do would be to talk to your photographer about where you want to place them and get them babies printed on canvas in the sizes set perfectly for your wall!

Pictures In A Box

This is yet another of the great ways to display your photographs in your home. If you are a single guy doesn’t have much flair for the arts, this is the best way for you to work with your pictures.

Frames Galore – family photos gallery wall ideas

Here is an assortment of picture frames that you can use for your own collection.

Black and white Portraits

A dramatic and memorable way of displaying your pictures. You should definitely try doing this at home. There will be no regrets for sure. This is a sure fire way for you to be the envy of all your friends as you give them an amazing tour of your new office!

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-Jessie Anne

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