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I love my job! I love it when mommies to be contact me and are so excited because they are planning the arrival of their sweet little bundle of joy and I get to be a part of that! You know when I tell people what I do for a living their first response is "so I bet you get pooped on a lot??" and I'm like yea every session, never fails. Most people make the squeamish look on their face and say better you than me, but I love my job! let me say it again I love my job!

You know why I love my job? I'm going to tell you, yes there are some downsides to it but doesn't every job have downsides? and most people in america hate their job like quite literally would quit today if they didn't need the money. So I am so blessed to be able to have found something that I don't consider a job because when you do what you love it is no longer a job it's a blessing.

1. loves & hugs- yes loves & hugs, I get to love and hug on every baby that walks(or well gets carried) through my door. I hear women all the time talk about how they love to hold and squish little babies all the time, and the first thing they do when a baby comes through any door is go "AWWWW I wanna hold him!!!!" I get the amazing ability to be able to do that everyday! I mean come on if that isn't a perk I don't know what is. :-)

2. That Maternity Glow- yes every momma to be has that wonderful glow, even if they don't feel like it. The glow is what makes my job so much easier! I love nothing more to get a momma to be that is so cute in her maternity dresses, shirts and outfits and works her maternity session like the runway she deserves, not only does it make my job easier but it helps everyone to have fun! I mean on some of my maternity sessions I have been laughing so hard it's hard to remember I am there to do a job instead of there to take pictures of my best friend.

3. Speaking of Best Friends- Yes speaking of best friends I get to meet so many new people doing what I do and a lot of them come from not just memphis but all over the country! I have people from Boston, NY, Texas, California, Florida, and of course Memphis and at the end of it I feel like we have become great friends!

4. The end result- There are sooo many reasons why I love what I do, but in the end there is one main reason why I love what I do. The joy, tears, hugs and loves I get from mommas and daddies in the end when they see the totally amazing images they have to choose from. I may have had one of the worst days and when I walk into a ordering session and they starting beaming with joy and pride when they see their images, it makes it all go away!

5. Forever- now this may not seem like a word that describes a reason I do what I do, but it is! I do what I do so mommas and daddies out there can have their wonderful, beautiful printed images in their homes Forever! To be able to look back on these images when their babies are 18 and graduating or 24 and getting married and remember when they were so tiny and you held them Forever in your arms as you rocked them to sleep or as you watched your favorite tv shows all day on a sunday in your pajamas or the wonderful yet nerve wracking day you brought them home from the hospital. That is why I do what I do, to preserve feelings and emotions FOREVER.

so you see there are many reasons why I do what I do and each and everyone is wonderful and amazingly filled with emotion in it's own way. Contact us at Jessie Anne Photography today to book your consultation and see just what emotions we can fill you with! Talk to you soon!

-Jessie Anne

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