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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s also the busiest, stressful and too often we forget to slow down and enjoy all those wonderful moments that make the Holidays special! In the spirit of the holidays and making memories I thought I would create a list for you wonderful moms and moms to be out there of all the moments you will want to capture forever! They would also make a great photo book, and fun keepsake for the family 😉

Picking out your tree

Picking out the tree is so much fun, this is something the kids look forward to – just as much as the adults. This tends to be what kicks off the Holiday vibes in most people’s home, so why not document it! Whether you are at a Tree lot, cutting down your tree or simply pulling it out of the attic, use the lines, colors and warmth of the season to create a beautiful image.

Decorating your tree

Every year my family pulls down the same tree out of the attic, along with all our old Christmas ornaments that have been around since we were kids the day after thanksgiving (usually because that’s when we are all in the same state!) and decorates the Christmas tree all together as a family and my mom absolutely loves it and looks forward to it every year! This is such an easy way to photograph your family doing something together. Capturing candid images of the kids stringing lights, carefully hanging the ornaments, or the placing of the final star on top of the tree are sure to bring smiles for years to come. Remember to scoot back and get the entire tree in the frame but also get in close to really capture everyone’s expressions.

Ornaments on the tree

I know I’m not the only one who gets nostalgic while pulling out the family ornaments. Remembering what each one means to you, the ones you have bought for your kids or your parents bought for you. Maybe you have some that hung on your grandparent’s tree. Take photos of your favorites, make sure to include the kids, the kids emotions reflected in the ornaments make for an image to look back on for years to come. Choose interesting perspectives, and let the lights from the tree add pretty bokeh to the background.

Indoor decorations

This is my favorite part, decorating the house! It just feels so festive and cozy being surrounded by Holiday colors, and seasonal items. Not to mention. It takes a lot of time and care bringing out the Holiday decorations. Photograph what it looks like in your home this one time out of the year.

Your outdoor house lights

Everyone loves getting out the old photo albums talking about how dad used to put this up on the house and that up in the front yard and how bright and amazing it looked, Getting an image of your home beautifully lit up at night is fun and full of color and will be a memory to show off for generations to come. But don’t forget about getting an image during the day as the lights are going up, especially if the kids are helping. It’s a fun and different way to look at getting ready for the Holidays.

Driving around looking at lights

Who doesn’t love taking some extra time to drive the long way home and enjoy your neighborhood’s Christmas lights? I love them all from the big spectacular displays to the simple rows of white lights. You’re sure to capture some excited faces if you bring your camera along with you.

Presents being wrapped

The wrapping paper! In addition to photographing the details before you get started, photograph the wrapping process itself including those tiny fingers lending a hand. And if you let the kids wrap their purchases for loved ones, make sure and capture the joy on their faces as they lovingly cut and tape, and their determination with trying to get everything just right and the excitement of seeing beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, it’s not just for the kids.

Presents being unwrapped

It’s awesome to try and get the facial expressions as someone unwraps their gift. The shock, tears of happiness, or maybe the look of “socks again?”

Christmas crafts

Are you stringing together popcorn, or making wreaths out of collected branches? There are so many adorable and easy crafts to make with your kids. Christmas Cookies, or maybe Gingerbread Houses? Afterwards they help decorate your home, or make sweet gifts.

Hot chocolate

A special treat that screams the holidays that can’t be beat in my home. Make it extra special by using Santa mugs, or adding a peppermint stick, especially as you sit on the couch by the fire and watch Christmas movies in your Christmas Pajamas!

The Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Arlington Parades??

Does your town have a Holiday Parade? This is a fun way to capture local festivities that the kids will hold onto as treasured childhood memories. Make sure to photograph the floats, decorations, the crowd, and your children’s reactions as they sit on the bed of the truck or in the chair all wrapped in a blanket drinking hot cocoa.

Visiting Santa

We’ve all waited in line to have our kids hopefully sit, at the very least stand next to Santa. Whether they are happily whispering their list to Santa, or tears rolling down their faces, these are images you will cherish.

Christmas jammies

New Christmas PJ’s are a highlight around here, My sister and I still wear matching Christmas Pajamas every year and we are grown women! Lol, having an image to remember this year’s jammies not only documents the year, but time in your child’s life.

Elf on a Shelf

We’ve all seen hilarious photos of the Elf playing pranks on the family. Whether your Elf is sweet, and just hangs out around the home. Or a mischief maker, this is a fun way to push your creativity for sure.

Bokeh tree light

This is a must have image. It’s fun and slightly addicting to manually de-focus, a shot of your tree at night. The glow and colors from the lights still make up the form of the tree. This image is equally beautiful in black and white. To achieve this, just put your lens on manual focus and then de-focus as desired.

Christmas Eve

For my family Christmas eve means going to the candlelight service at church and singing timeless Christmas carols, while we light and hold on to sweet little candles, which is an amazing memory for me and would be for you to catch on film… little ones lighting their candles with the help from a family member as they are mesmerized by the flicker of the candle and happy they get to be all grown up. Your Christmas Eve may be different, may consist of tracking Santa and getting off to bed with a Christmas story and a tuck in bed with a dash of excitement of what’s to come, whatever your Christmas eve consists of make sure you capture it for you to remember for years to come.

Now that you have this extensive list to capture your memories, remember that the most important part is to be in the moment with your family and have fun. You could even hand a camera over to one of the kids and let them do the documenting so you can be in the pictures, too. That is the true memory is remembering every family member including their momma… for years to come.

-Jessie Anne

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