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Hey guys sorry I've been out for the last couple weeks, I took a planned vacation with the family and went to an amazing concert. Today I thought I'd take you behind the scenes of the editing process, show you a before and after photo and talk you through what goes into making an amazing photo that you see all over the Jessie Anne Photography website.

This photo is one of my favorite photos along with several others favorite. This photo started out as daddy sitting on the floor in front of the bean bag holding baby in the fetal position. which in the end makes it look like dad is holding baby in the air. In post processing I took all the color out of the photo and smoothed up babies skin getting rid of any baby acne and redness. I blackened out the background and smoothed out the black backdrop by hand, getting rid of any wrinkles as well as any un-even color to the fabric.

I then proceeded added the silver smoothness and the contrast to baby and dad to give it the drama that you see in the final photo. As you can see this one photo takes quite a bit of work to edit, at least 30 minutes for this one photo. That is why I usually give clients a two week window to get their photos back, it's not just as simple as applying a filter when Jessie Anne Photography edits your photos, I go through and hand edit every one to make sure you and your family look their absolute best, and your photos will look amazing in your home for generations to come. Contact Jessie Anne Photography today to book your session!

-Jessie Anne

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