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Today I thought I would talk about some of my favorite places to prepare for baby around the Memphis area. I have several area places that are awesome about helping their momma’s and daddies to be with preparing for baby. If you’re anything like me you would rather go someplace that a friend or someone has been and had an amazing experience, that’s why I thought I would write a nice little blog helping my momma’s find a totally awesome place that they may not have known about.

  1. Itty bitty bella- gifts of flight and fancy, which is quite the truth this cute little store will make you feel like you’re in another world with all the cute little items for the little one in your life or about to be in your life! The staff is extremely pleasant which helps the whole shopping experience go so much smoother. You can even register for baby there, which makes decorating the nursery or getting baby that totally versatile stroller that you’ve always wanted so much easier! Just click here to go straight to their website!

  1. The Bump Studio- the bump studio is a get to know your baby before you get to hold your sweet little one in your arms. They offer amazing 4D ultrasound which creates a live video effect, like a movie of baby! It truly is an amazing experience from the comfy ultrasound viewing rooms that accommodate up to 12 people with the studio seating to be able to see it all to the ARDMS accredited sonographer to the very homey feel of every room in their high scale office(which is much better than a sterile doctors room!). The Bump Studio really aims to make you feel as warm and comfortable during this joyous occasion in your life! Click here to go to their website and book your appointment!

  1. Mcdonald Murrmann Women’s Clinic- If you don’t already have an OBGYN this is the place to go! They have an all-female staff including doctors which make you feel warm and comfortable from the minute you hit the door. They offer several procedures to help you from day one to birth of baby! Click here to learn more!

  1. Pediatrics East Bartlett- One thing mommies to be often forget about until the last minute is their babies doctor, you know after baby is born they will need to have a regular pediatrics doctor to go to for regular check-ups and in case anything happens, you will have a doctor that knows your baby and cares for your baby almost as much as you do! At Pediatrics East Bartlett they put your child’s health and safety first! I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Melanie McClain Smith at the Baby Expo this year and she was so warm, and caring! You could tell your babies health was her passion and she loves doing what she does! Click here to make an appointment with any of Pediatrics East Bartlett’s wonderful doctors!

-Jessie Anne

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