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What to Wear?

I get this question a lot from my clients, What do I wear to my Maternity/Newborn session? I tell all my clients that you should wear something comfortable, because when your comfortable your true self shows. You are not constantly fidgeting or straightening or pulling down on your shirt, your able to be you! which then when your you, your inner beauty shows through, you allow me to come into your life and see the true mama to be and capture her.

so if your comfortable in Jeans and heels please by all means wear your jeans and heels but if your comfortable in a sweater and yoga pants, we will do some lifestyle type images and get the true beauty in you to come out. my whole goal is to make you comfortable and coax out your personality and give you beautiful photographs! Whether you wear jeans and heels or sweatpants, we will rock it and make it amazing! When I first meet with my mommy to be's I ask one very important question. Where do you see your images being taken? Are you looking to have them done outside? Inside? Your house? My house? The answer to that will also help you to decide what you would like to wear. Obviously if you want to have your maternity session at shelby farms, you don't want to wear heels because we will be walking in the grass. If you decide to do your maternity session at the botanic gardens you could definitely pull off heels and make it look totally glamorous, on the other hand if you wanted to do jeans and converses we could go with a picnic style shoot and it look super cute and awesome! It really depends on your style and who you and your husband are as a couple.what your house is decorated like is another thing to look at, which location will look best on the wall above the couch? you don't have just the choice of clothes out of your closet, I have several maternity dresses to choose from.

I am always super excited to be able to create from outside the box, so when a momma to be gives me a challenge of outdoors or indoors with an amazing outfit or at their house with comfy clothes that are totally you, I am super excited and have no doubt you will end up falling in love with your images. That is the main reason I ask my clients to trust me! will you trust me to give you images you will love forever?

-Jessie Anne

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