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Christmas Cards and Maternity Announcements!! | Memphis Photographer

Hey there guys & gals,

I hope everyone has been having an amazing holiday season! I know I have and a busy one at that, between maternity announcements to newborn sessions, and holiday cards left and right it’s been crazy around Jessie Anne Photography, but a good crazy! Speaking of good crazy, we here at Jessie Anne Photography are now booking sessions into 2017! Call us today to book your session!! I have so many new clients I am going to be introducing you to over the next week, and I am so excited about each and every one!! That is the one thing about buying from a small business owner versus a big corporation, the small business owner gets excited over every client whereas the big corporation sees it as just another dollar symbol. I love my clients and see every one of them as an opportunity to make new beautiful friendship out of it.

Just like the sweetest couple I met a couple months ago and got the chance weekend before last to take their amazing Maternity Announcement Photos! They wanted an beautiful maternity announcement photo to go on a wonderfully magical christmas announcement! I'm sorry I am like a little kid about two things, amazing photos and christmas!!! LOL!! Ok so I met this sweet little couple at the wolf river trail and it was like the perfect day for a enjoyable fall session. I am so excited to be able to photograph this cute sweet little family for the next 4 months! I am more than blessed to be able to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. McKinney and their sweet little baby....

-Jessie Anne

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