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Everyone is concerned about this friday, black friday and all the deals and sales, but those of us who are not the big box stores, those of us who instead own our own small business and don't have 3 and 4 homes focus more on #ShopSmall on Small Business Saturday and I encourage you to #ShopSmall so that we little peoples can not only stay open for business, but when you #ShopSmall you support us as a person, as a family, our lives outside of our business and that means so much to us as people and as business owners not only that when you #ShopSmall you help the economy locally, which is always a good thing! American Express is the #ShopSmall parent company and they offer anyone who #ShopsSmall this Saturday 2x the points on your card which is always great plus we here at Jessie Anne Photography are offering a FREE 11x14 print when you book and pay your deposit with Jessie Anne Photography this Saturday! So Please #ShopSmall this Saturday and help the local economy and local shop owners! Thank YOU!

-Jessie Anne

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