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Oh the olympics, they have been going on for the last 2 weeks but unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you know this by now. Did you also know that only the best photographers from Nikon and Canon get to go to the olympics to shoot and they have they're choice of lenses and cameras and anything else they may need? I know your thinking what does this have to do with my pregnancy or baby?? well it brings me back to the thought of picking the right photographer for your baby and maternity shoot, you want a photographer that understands the ins and outs of they're camera and knows what is best for your photo to make sure you get the clearest, best quality image possible! It also reminds me of the all the memories over the years since I was kid of watching the olympics, and how quickly they pass and as they are stating the next winter olympics and summer olympics for the next couple years, and I'm thinking oh my that is going to be forever from now!

I mean really when someone states the 2020 olympics you think wow! 2020 I can not imagine living that long because it seems so far away when in reality it is only 4 years away, but the olympics just like anything else goes so quickly and you want to remember those memories! That's why you see all the athletes constantly carrying phones and cameras and capturing it all so they can remember it all years from now. The same way it hurts my heart when a client asks about digital images, and I understand you want to have those images backed up on your computer so that you have them forever, but I encourage my clients to order prints for one reason. Like myself and everyone I know life gets hectic and crazy and the next thing you know years have gone by and that USB with all those images still sit there on the shelf in your living room and your not enjoying them looking at them remembering the memories the fun you had.

So what are you to do? well I make it easy here at Jessie Anne Photography, for every 11x14 print you purchase you receive your digital image of that print free!! so you have the image to hang on the wall to enjoy forever and you get the digital image to back up on your computer to have as well. I hope everyone enjoys the closing ceremonies tonight and has had an amazing two weeks watching the wonderful amazing athletes of the world!

Jessie Anne

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