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12 Things To Do Before Your Due Date | Memphis Photographer

I know a lot of expecting mommies out there, and y'all have a running list of things going through your mind, things on your to-do list as your due date approaches. Some of them are more necessary than others, and I've had a quite a few moms ask me lately when the best time to book your newborn session is, my answer for that... before your due date... usually a couple months before your due date. So today I wanted to share a list of 10 things to do before your due date, and mommies please feel free to let me know if I missed anything!

1.Register at the hospital {or wherever you plan to deliver}

You can register once you go into labor, but it will be a lot easier before. The hospital will have a ton questions for you, between what's your labor plan to what's your learning style. These are things your not going to want to answer when your in labor but you will want to think about and answer before labor and your going to want to sign all your registration paperwork prior to labor as well.

2. Make Photography Arrangements

If you want newborn pictures taken, it is best to have a plan before baby arrives. Research what style of images you are looking for, and where you are wanting to place images when you get them and then call Jessie Anne Photography and book your consultation for us to create a unique photography experience just for you and your family.

3. Consider Major Events or Holidays

If you due falls close to holiday or major event get a jumpstart on planning and purchasing gifts and meals before you are busy with a newborn.

4. Make and Freeze Meals

There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest and online for Freezer Meal Cooking, now would be a good time to start organizing meals to have after newborn arrives.

5. Go on a Baby Moon

The best time to do this is in your second trimester. However, if you are already past that, it’s not too late! Check with your doctor about any travel restrictions, and if you have the okay – then go for it. Depending on how far along you are, you may not be super energetic, so think beach vacation or something else relaxing. Even a little staycation would be nice if it is getting really close to your due date.

6.Make Arrangements for Siblings and Pets

Talk to your family, friends, or neighbors to see who might be willing and available to help out when it’s time for delivery. Try to have a couple different options in case someone is unavailable when the time comes.

7.Pack your Hospital Bag

There are tons of posts out there to help you pack your hospital bag, and just so you know there is not that much. Leave your diapers and undies at home, the hospital will hook you up.

8. Deep Clean Your House

You are probably in that nesting phase anyway, and wanting everything to be organized and ready for baby. However, you might not have any energy to do it yourself. Splurge and hire someone to give your house a deep clean when you get close to your due date.

9. Assign Dates for Family Members

Once the baby is born, family members will be dying to come meet him/her. But sometimes too many visitors can be less helpful and more stressful. Have a plan and communicate it so everyone can plan accordingly. If both sides of the family have offered to come stay and help, let them know which will come first. Or if you would rather have a few days to yourself before visitors come, let that be known ahead of time.

10.Install Car Seat

Search by zip code to find the nearest car seat inspection station and then call ahead to make an appointment, this is one of the important ones.. to keep baby safe!

Jessie Anne Photography is all about keeping baby and momma safe, that is one thing we pride ourselves on is no matter what the image will look like when it's done we want momma and baby to leave our studio happy and healthy so make sure you call Jessie Anne Photography to book your maternity and newborn session today before we book out this fall!!

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