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Happy National Breastfeeding Week! | Memphis Newborn Photographer

Hey guys, Happy National Breastfeeding Week! I am a big believer in breastfeeding if you are able to, and I understand and am very sympathetic to those women that can’t breastfeed or it’s hard for them to breastfeed. I personally do not have kids, yall have heard me talk about my fur kids all the time and as they are my babies, I personally do not know the struggle or the bond you get from breastfeeding. I hope one day to be able to have my own kids and breastfeed them, but I do know that breastfeeding is in my opinion the best option if you are able too. Breastfeeding releases oxytocin, which is “the love hormone” in both mom and baby which helps you to relax, bond with baby and relieve stress, I mean if a stress reliever isn’t enough to make you want to breastfeed I don’t know what is, I would love to have a natural stress reliever several times a day.

Breastfeeding isn’t just a stress reliever it is very good for baby as well, it’s babies first form of immunization and reduces baby’s risk of cavities later on as well, plus it helps mom to be able to lose all that baby weight from pregnancy, moms who breastfeed use up to 500 calories a day! Which is perfect for all those newborn photos that moms, I promise you will want to be in, I always ask in every consultation if the mom and dad’s want to be in the pictures with baby and I have some moms say no, they know they are going to still be big and they don’t want pictures of that. Almost every time the mom isn’t in the pictures they regret it and wish they did have a picture of them and baby when they were a newborn. Speaking of newborns and their mommies I had the sweetest little girl and her beautiful momma in the Jessie Anne Photography studio last week. I am so excited about her session and her images, she was the best little sleeper, even despite momma saying she was dealing with tummy troubles all morning; we made the best of it and got the best images!

Unfortunately I have not come across a momma that has let me get images of her breastfeeding, I am super excited to do so and I know without a doubt I can make it look classy and amazing and momma will love it when all is said and done. It’s a memory to cherish forever the bond you get between momma and baby when you breastfeed and the best way to capture it forever is to call Jessie Anne Photography and let us capture that memory for you forever! If you know of any momma's that plan to breastfeed and want newborn images, send them our way, I promise she will get nothing but the best care and treatment from Jessie Anne Photography! Now without further ado, I introduce you to little Mrs. Kamille Massey….

Jessie Anne

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