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Happy Fourth of July! | Memphis Photographer

Hey everyone I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July, Independence day or as some may say America's 240th Birthday celebration!! I hope everyone is having an amazing safe holiday weekend. Just a couple reminders, keep your thoughts on those around you, and by that we mean think about your neighbors if your shooting off fireworks at home, let them know you will be shooting off fireworks so they may make preparations. They may be a veteran with PTSD that may have trouble with fireworks this season or they may have dogs or cats that have issues with the sounds and they will be able to prepare their babies accordingly. I know one of my pups isn't necessarily scared of the fireworks but if she isn't near someone she is barking at them all night, so we try plan our festivities accordingly for her, so she feels safe.

We also made sure to let our neighbors know we would be shooting off fireworks so they weren't caught off guard by them, being that our neighborhood is a more quiet neighborhood usually.Also make sure if you have little ones and plan on taking them to firework shows in the area make sure you take some mosquito spray and some Headphones or such to protect their little ears. Speaking of little ones I had the amazing pleasure of photographing little Miss Kamille Massey this weekend and she was quite the firework, lol ok you know I had too hahaha!! She was actually a week old when I got to hold her, love her and get some amazing images of her but she was none the less a little cutie pututie. Over the next week I will be definitely sharing some of her images, so make sure you like the Jessie Anne Photography Facebook page so you don't miss them!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Fourth of July and without further ado Jessie Anne Photography introduces to you little Miss Kamille Massey.... goodnight!!!

-Jessie Anne

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