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Happy Father's Day! | Memphis Newborn Photographer

Hey guys, first off I want to start off by telling all my father's out there happy father's day! I hope you had an amazing one filled with love and plenty of rest. I had an amazing day. I got to go to church with my parents and sister and brother in law(they were in town from St. Louis). My parents go to the church I grew up in which is a southern baptist church in Millington Tn.

Today was extra special not only because it's father's day but because I got to witness my dad get baptized this morning! I love this, because the reason I created Jessie Anne Photography is because I love love, I know that makes a lot of sense but it's true. I love the love that beams from a dad holding his little baby boy I love the love that comes from a dad feeling baby kick inside mommy... I love LOVE and baptism for me is the ultimate form of us as christians to show our love for God to the world, and to see my daddy get baptized this morning on father's day was amazing! It's true I am a daddy's girl, I love my daddy because he has been there for me in my worst times and in my best times.

My dad helped me move home when all I wanted to do was cry,laughed with me when I was being my goofiest of selfs,and danced with me at my wedding and my sister's and a couple in between... I love him more than anything in the world and I don't know what I would do without him. I am so grateful for him and I know there are people out there who have had to say goodbye to there dad's way to soon, and some who never got to meet there dad's and I am so sorry for that and I keep you in my thoughts in prayers on today.

We here at Jessie Anne Photography in our little corner in Memphis Tn, got some amazing news today! Jessie at Jessie Anne Photographer and her amazing talent got put on the 50 Best Father's Day Images of 2016!

I know it's an amazing honor that I have worked so hard to get to and I am so glad to finally be noticed! Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine are the ones that wrote the article and I think they did an amazing job! I love the photo that won and I couldn't be more thankful, I really feel I am truly blessed to have found my calling! Thank you Beauty and Lifestyle, if you would like to see the article all you have to do is click on the image above and it will take you to it! I hope everyone had an amazing father's day, now go look at the article and email me to book your amazing session!!

Jessie Anne

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