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Hey guys! This week I was planning my yearly summer trip to the beach and was thinking about my flight and many of us have been there — seated near crying babies on a long flight with no escape, whether you were the parent or simply a fellow passenger with an unlucky seat assignment.

But traveling alongside kids doesn't have to be a disaster.

So thinking about my many parents out there Jessie Anne Photography thought we would share some helpful tips and hints from parents to help you get through your summer of flying and traveling!

Plan Ahead

Stock up on plenty of snacks, toys, and books anything that might help distract little miss or mister from a bumpy flight or close quarters. One suggestion might be to go to the dollar store before hand and get several tiny gifts and wrap them, give them to the little ones periodically. They get excited and it keeps them engaged so they're less likely to think about what's going on around them.

Take the Red Eye

When possible take your kiddos sleep times into consideration. If you wake them up at 2 or 3 versus their usual 5 or 6 they may be excited and ready to go with energy at first but once everything calms down and they're in their seats on the flight they'll be able to snooze right through the ride.

Get creative

Parents of restless kids take a veteran moms advice, don't let your toddlers feets touch the ground, once your on board pretend that the floor is lava and the seat is your raft.Anything to keep from having to walk a toddler up and down the aisle.

Check your luggage

Sometimes the extra fee is worth it, especially when your already carrying strollers, carryons, and snacks all while trying to keep up with your kids in the boarding lines.

Befriend your Neighbors

As soon as you get settled in get to know the people around you. let them know you care, by telling them what a great flier your child is and how you plan to keep that way by doing whatever is necessary, just knowing you care that much is a lot of times enough to allay fears.

While definitely not necessary but some moms even go as far as to bring treats like earplugs for people around you or offer to buy drinks if your kid has a meltdown.

.... and the flight crew

make sure you talk to the flight crew and introduce them to your kids and make sure they know that you want to do everything possible to make it as nice of flight as possible, usually they are willing to help in anyway they can.

Where do you plan on going this summer?

Make sure you capture all of your little moments throughout the summer and get them printed.

Call or email us today to book your summer and fall maternity and newborn sessions!

-Jessie Anne

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