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You know I was thinking this past weekend, as I was looking through the old picture album, and you never saw mom in the pictures, mom was always the one taking the pictures. In today’s world of pictures, you shouldn’t see the same thing happening but it does! Mom gets stuck behind the camera because she wants those pictures those memories and no one else thinks about it besides mom. Dad’s nowadays you have your iPhone with you 99.9% of the time. Take pictures of your kids when they’re spending time with mom!

It is that easy and she will forever thank you for it... She will have those memories that will last a lifetime for her and your kids to look back on. These memories are the precious ones and those cuddle times and cradle holds that she has now will disappear and she knows this, so should you. You need to Capture the moments when she is rocking baby and feeding sweet little girl for her to look back on. Your little girl’s baby smiles will turn into toddler grins and then the next thing you know Mom is taking pictures of her going off to college! It doesn’t matter if she looks like hell… If you can’t tell if her hair is up or down because it’s that much of a hot mess… Take the Picture!

Even if the house is a wreck and will be evident in the picture… Take it anyway. If the baby is crying or pooping in the bath and mom doesn’t know if she is laughing or crying … Take the Picture! Cause when we are looking back at these pictures years later, we as moms want to be in them too!! And not just crazy awkward selfies where the little one is looking at us crazy cause we are trying to get a good angle that doesn’t show our double chin, but still get both of us in the frame, haha!! Don’t wait for your wife to ask for you to take a picture… just do it.

Candid pictures are the best take it from Jessie Anne Photography, when you get those unexpected candid momma feeding baby or loving on baby moments you really get a glimpse into the life and love between a momma and a baby!! This is also why I sell prints of my images, instead of just giving my clients a cd or a USB of the images… because life is crazy and you forget to get those images printed and let me tell you 20 years from now IF you can remember where that cd is, the world may have moved on and no one will ever say Wow! How beautiful is that Cd but I can guarantee you if you let Jessie Anne Photography capture those beautiful family moments for you and put them in beautiful big frames for you on your living room wall… Every time someone sees that image they will say that is a amazing beautiful image! And mom will forever have those memories to look back on how small baby was, Call us today to book your newborn and maternity session!

-Jessie Anne

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