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Newborn Editing Before and After | Memphis Photographer

Choosing a photographer is a daunting task! So it's nice to know what you are booking an paying for when choosing the photographer, right? The session itself is just a small fraction of what goes into creating beautiful portraits! I think it's a common misconception that we here at Jessie Anne Photography get all sleepy and flawless skinned babies. Not the case at all! A newborn so very rarely arrives with a "normal" skin tone and no marks on them. Usually, they are somewhere between red, yellow, or purple toned. So I thought it would be fun to show you a little before and after of one of the photos from one of Jessie Anne Photography's sessions.

Here's the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera.... no editing at all). You can see the baby is nicely posed and VERY cute but the image needs a little cleaning up to help that show! He is quite red in the face, his skin needs some work and the blanket that he is wrapped in needs fixed. All of his skin issues will naturally go away in a few weeks to months so it's my job to speed the process along so none of those things are distracting from his cute baby face and features in his newborn photos.

Then there is the AFTER... you can see that his face and features are not changed at all, just cleaned up a bit! You can appreciate just how cute he is without thinking about the red skin and his sweet little blotches on his arm and other distractions!

I hope you found this list and comparison of what I did to achieve the final "newborn perfection" look more than enlightening! Email Jessie Anne Photography to book YOUR 2016 due date, just click on the CONTACT ME page up at the top menu.. or call me @ 901-410-6172

-Jessie Anne

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