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hey guys,

a couple weeks ago, Jessie Anne Photography had the amazing opportunity to work with the awesome people at paws new england to help 43 amazing sweet little puppies get to their forever home. That morning was amazing, it filled my heart with so much joy to see these sweet little puppies actually getting a second chance at life, and the great thing is, is that the people at new england paws can do this every month with your help! They are currently taking donations,they can only do this with your help. It doesn't take much a couple dollars, can help. I would be greatly appreciative if you take ten minutes and go to their website and just take a look around read their story and see how great they are! You will fall in love I promise, but first watch this video about that morning and see the amazing sweet little faces that they helped that morning... THEN click on the logo and go to their website and read what amazing work they do! thank you!

-Jessie Anne

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