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Hey guys! I hope everyone is done or close to being done with all their christmas shopping,me on the other hand still have quite a bit to do... such is the life of a photographer during the busy season. As I shared with yall this past weekend Jessie at Jessie Anne Photography lost her grandma this past week, which put us a little behind during this time on all our editing and uploading and such, I apologize greatly for that. This past Saturday Jessie at Jessie Anne Photography got the awesome opportunity to volunteer her services to Paws New England.

Which is a rescue organization up in New England that has so graciously flown down to Tennessee to pick up 43 pups to rescue out to amazing families and allow them to have a new better life outside of the shelters here in Tennessee, the point in all the photos and Jessie Anne Photography donating their services was so that Paws New England can raise enough money to be able to do this more often, which would be amazing! There are way to many of these pups not being adopted because of the horrible stereotypes that come with being a shelter dog, which are just that stereotypes. These sweet little babies need homes whether they be here or up in the amazing North East... So if you can please click on the link up above to be taken to the Paws website and donate whatever you can, anything can and will help, so that they may be able to do this more often. The photos from that amazing adventure we here at Jessie Anne Photography took will be posted here soon, but a week before that we got the opportunity to take a look into the lives of one of the cutest families by being invited into their home to capture their sweet little bundle of joy. So without further adieu I introduce you to....

Mrs. Evelyn Rose Nation

-Jessie Anne

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