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This week has been quite the wirlwind of events. Veteran's Day was this past wednesday, a day to show how much we love and support our veteran's for doing everything they can, including giving their life for our country and our freedom. Veteran's all across the country, active duty or not have given up so much for people like me and you to be able to live our daily lives and go about our normal routines without any thought of harm to come to us from anyone... I like to take a moment and thank all the women and men that have to give up so much for us. Thank You!

photo thanks to tara ruby photography

Then just last night, a horrific scene in Paris as several terrorists took it upon themselves to walk into several large events and take several hundreds of lives... the reason our veterans do give up so much for us, so that we may not have to go through such a horrible tragedy. I feel so sick thinking of all the families that will never get to see their loved ones again...please join me in prayer for paris as they rebuild,grow and learn from this tragedy. I love the amazing show of support and outcry of love from countries all over the world, showing we will not accept this, we will not let this happen without consequence.

-Jessie Anne

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