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Every photographer reads articles,takes classes,watches videos and talks to other more expierenced photographers just trying to learn how to capture more and more emotionally significant images for their clients. Those images tell a story,are tear jerkers and pull at your every heart string, but sometimes those images can not be planned,scheduled or even foreseen. Those images are truly the most amazing images you can ever have. They are the ones that families keep around for generations, they're the ones that every photographer gets printed and keeps close to their heart. The photographer if you ask them remembers the day,time and what exactly was going when that photo was snapped. I have one for me, actually I have a couple. The first one I ever captured was a young lady who won the session from me at a expo that I did and I was having the worst day ever, no matter what I did everything went wrong. I showed up at her little apartment,set everything up as usual got several good shots, but then I went to get pictures of dad and baby and something about him holding his little boy and truly looking into his babies eyes for the first time, I don't know what he saw or what he was thinking but he started beaming with pride like you've never seen before. It was the sweetest moment and I was so glad I got to capture it for them forever.

True emotion is not something that can be faked or put on, it is something that develops within and only shows up when that person is truly comfortable. That is why I strive to make every session as if I was capturing my own family, because my clients are family to me. My clients bring me into their home and allow me to see them in their most candid moments and to thank them I want to make sure they have a priceless set of images that they will cherish forever! Another moment I will forever keep close to me was a family that I photographed in downtown memphis, mom wanted some images of all the kids together since everyone was married before the family continued to grow. Towards the end of the session I was photographing the kids and they're spouses by themselves, when one of the kids struck a very seductively hilarious pose for her husband and he responded with such laughter and disbelief that it was too good not to get in fact I was lucky I got it because even I was laughing so hard!!

The amount of fun you can have on a session is unlimited if you just relax and trust that the photographer is going to take care of you, which I do for all of my clients! These are the two main emotionally significant images that I keep close to my heart, and I hope you will allow me to come into your home to capture many more for you and your family to cherish! In the meantime, here is an article that you just must read, it will bring you to tears it is so good... so be prepared with tissues!! I hope to hear from you soon! -Jessie Anne

Emotionally Significant Images

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