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Families of all sizes | Memphis Newborn Photographer

I love working with families, and it makes it so great when a family is so comfortable and wanting to try new things and trust me to be creative. I recently had a client of mine tell me that the key to her being comfortable was me, which I thanked her for...

I try hard to make the whole expierence as comfortable as possible for my client, from the very first time we meet to the delivery of your amazing photos. I want to be your photographer, and I want you to be happy with your whole expierence. I love families of all sizes from the new family with the new baby to the family with their 3rd baby I want your expierence to be great! so Thank you to all my clients who have made this business and me growing this business amazing and painless. I look forward to watching all of your babies grow and continuing to capture your amazing moments.

-Jessie Anne

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