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Hey guys, I am always asked "what can I do to make my session go more smoothly, so I can get those amazing baby shots everyone gets?". When you book your session with me I give you a welcome packet that has a list of helpful hints and tips to make things go smoothly. I go over some of the items with you and encourage you and dad to go over those things together again the morning of or the night before. I thought today I would go over helpful hints not only to make your session go more smoothly but these tips also go along with how to get baby to sleep.

1. House Temperature

I know you think the house is nice and comfy set at 71 degrees but babies usually like it a little warmer especially during those sessions where we strip them of all of their clothes. Babies bodies are quite to the point of being able to regulate their body temperature quite like ours does at 5-7 days old, that's why their temperature ranges quite a drastically and that's why you keep them in nice warm clothes and blankets even in the heat of the summer. I usually bring a nice heater with me, one that keeps track of the temperature and keeps the area I am working in a nice 75degrees. That way baby is nice and warm when get him/her in her birthday suit, and helps baby to want to sleep better and more because she/he is more comfortable.

2. Awake

new mommies look forward to every moment they can get their sweet little bundle of joy to sleep, but when it comes to getting those sweet little shots of baby on his/her belly or wrapped in a pretty wrap or with bows or boots, we have to keep them awake. I know you think what? let me explain, I tell all of my mommies that I need you to keep baby awake the whole morning of the photo shoot that you can. I know it may seem like torture to mom and dad and I apologize, but when I get there and set up and I take over and get baby from mom and dad, it is much easier for me to get them to fall asleep and get them into to those sweet little positions if they are really really tired from not sleeping all morning. A couple ways I always suggest to do this is to give baby a bath the morning of, or try rubbing his/her chest or feet with a baby wipe to keep them cold. I know this counteracts #1 but we only want it to be warm in the house about 30 minutes prior to the session or when we want baby asleep.

3. Newborn

Typically I like to get into the house, or get baby into my house for photos within 5-7 days of birth. The reason for this is because babies bones are not fully formed and strong at that time, so therefore we can get baby into those sweet little squishy positions. Don't worry this does not hurt baby in any way, these are the exact positions baby may have been in your womb. I take every precaution possible to make sure your baby is safe and not in any harms way at all. If for whatever reason it looks or feels like baby does not like the position or does not want to go into the position, I will never force a baby into something that he/she does not want to do. At the time we sit down and book your session I give all of my clients, my cell phone number and let them know they can text or call me at anytime, whether they have an new idea for a photo they want to run by me or a question that they thought of I am always there. I also ask that they text me when baby does arrive sometime within 24 hours of baby arriving is fine. I want you to sit back and enjoy baby and family and not have to worry about the next step, that's why I say within 24 hours is plenty of time for us to set up your session date.

4. Food

last but not least food. enough food will put anyone into a food coma, but especially babies. That is why I ask clients to wait to feed baby until right before their session time. When I arrive I let all of my clients know that I will probably take over a small space of their house and I will probably make a mess, but I will always clean up and return everything to the way it was when I got there. It typically takes me a good 10-15 minutes if not a little more to set up and get everything ready for baby and family. That gives baby plenty of time with diaper on to do his/her thing(poop/pee) before we take that dieaper off, depending on when he/she was fed. That is why I ask all my clients to feed baby about 5-10 minutes before their session time.

These are all good wonderful helpful tips and hints and I hope they all help you in anyway they can! I hope to hear from you soon in order for us to sit down and get to know each other and book your maternity/newborn session!

-Jessie Anne

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