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Yes you heard me right, I am giving away free prints from your session with me to you! ok so I know what your thinking, what's the catch? there has to be something I have to fill out and then go like and then share and hope and pray cross my fingers and wish on the last star to the left up north right? haha what is with contests now days? They're a lot of work to be able to win something, I mean I get it I get making it worth your while but it almost deters friends(I call all my clients my friends) from doing the contest! Well I am going to make it easy on you, this is NOT a give away this is NOT a contest and there is NO wishing or hoping. All you great sweet beautiful friends of mine have to do is refer someone anyone, I know you have tons of beautiful pregnant mommies to be out there, and I know they all want beautiful amazing images of their newborn babies or maybe they want beautiful amazing images of their pregnant belly? That is where you come in, let them know all about your amazing expierence that you had with me and give them my name and website or number, let them know they can text, call or email me and when they give me your name and pay their deposit for their session, that is when I will call or text you and go guess what you got 1 free 11X14 print and 10% off any aditional prints you order through me! It is that easy!! I do all the leg work and you sit back and enjoy your beautiful images on your wall at home! I know it sounds to good to be true but I promise it really is that amazing! I look forward to printing all of your amazing images!!

-Jessie Anne

memphis newborn photographer

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