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Stray Dogs | Memphis Photographer

If I had all the money in the world, I would set up an area on a lot of land, a safe place for stray dogs until they found they're forever home... I love animals and you all know I have two of my own. I don't understand how anyone could hurt or not love such sweet innocent creatures. This morning I was going over my news feed while drinking my coffee at my desk, getting ready for my day here at Jessie Anne Photography, and came across this wonderful article where a photographer with a heart for animals like me took amazing images of stray dogs, and put them out there on the internet hoping to get them adopted into they're forever home. I love to help anyway I can, I volunteered last christmas taking images at the memphis humane society and it just made my heart swell to help those sweet animals in need. I encourage anyone that is able to help the sweet innocent ones that can't do for themselves, whether they be animals or sweet innocent newborns like the ones I photograph. please click on the image, read the article, who knows you might find your forever companion.

I am starting to book sessions for this fall, I know you all love the wonderful fall colors, orange,brown, and yellow... they do look amazing in wonderful family and children images! Call me to book now!!!

-Jessie Anne

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