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Gentle Giants | Memphis Newborn Photographer

Ok so I know this is a little off topic, I guess you could say, but I came across these amazing images today when checking my photography news feed and they floored me! I thought wow, these are amazing! now everyone knows I am an animal lover anyway, and would do anything to help out any animal, I could never do harm to any animal, Heck I cant even walk into the humane society or a shelter without needing someone to push me back out before I adopt them all! lol! I have to say I have never once looked at elephants and been like wow those are amazing beautiful animals, until I saw these photos this photographer took. They make you realize these animals are just like us, they love, hurt and live just like you or me and you truly see that in these amazing images. I have two dogs as most of you know and I treat them like they are my kids, and couldn't imagine treating them any different couldn't imagine my life without them, but to me in my mind there has always been a hug difference in dogs that you have in your home everyday and love on and live with and a wild animal like these elephants that you never see unless you go to africa or the zoo.... until I saw these images, they truly changed the way I look at them. This brings me to a point, which is that most people look at photography like it's not necessary, which if your options are a health procedure/food on the table or photography please by all means go with the more necessary, but photography to me is very necessary especially when you have sweet little ones, whether your little ones are dogs or cats or newborns. They are only here and little for a very short time, why not capture every moment that you have with them? not only capture them but have your images printed, I can not stress enough to you how important it is to have your images printed! In our world today everything is digital and so many of us take those images or have someone like me take your images and then get a cd or usb of those images and then what? they get put in a drawer or a box of forget me nots and you do just that you forget about them, until one day time has passed and your going through all your stuff and you come across them. let me tell you that these images, are not just images, they are moments of time that you allow me to come into your home and capture these sweet little fleeting moments of time forever for you! Dont make the mistake of forgetting about them please? get them printed hang them on your wall so that everyone that comes into your home can see your amazing family and your fleeting moment of time that I captured for you. Photography is more than a camera and a job to me,it's an art that truly encompasses my heart and life, everything I look at and see is one of those fleeting moments for me. whether it be a mom nursing as her little newborn looks up at her with such love and compassion, or a dad holding his first little boy for the first time looking at him with such pride and joy, or maybe it's a big brother protecting his little sister with everything he has inside him filled with love for her, it's all about those moments that make life worth living, and make my "job" an amazing one! If you would like to see the amazing images this woman captured of these truly wonderful gentle giants, please click on the image below and it will take you to the full article, and if you have a sweet little bundle of joy on the way and you would like to capture all the moments between the last moments of just you and dad before it becomes a trio to the first moments of the sweet little one's life, please don't hesistate to call or email me. Thank you!

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