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I love seeing all these amazing images that Professional Photographer moms and dads take of theyre kids and they spend alot of time and hard work making them look truly wonderful, like they're in a total different world. I can imagine as these kids and babies grow up and look at these pictures and show them to they're kids and spouse the amount of art and creativity it will spark in future generations will be truly amazing. I truly believe that art and creativity should be shared and passed on to your kids, and if they grow up with they're imagination truly being challenged, grown and sparked then they too will have a passion for everything great and wonderful that art and photography has to offer. I came across this article just today about a dad that is a professional photographer and has a 1 year old that has down syndrome, and he started taking these amazing images and editing them and creating something that turned out to be something that touched several thousands of hearts. This dad hopes that by taking these amazing images and transforming them into something creatively wonderful that his son will look at them and know that no matter what the situation that you can do anything that you put your mind too. I believe that more people need to raise they're babies to know that as well, maybe then they would try harder and do more than they ever thought. This story touched my heart and sparked my creativity and I hope it does the same for you!

Click Link to read the story:

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