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Preparing for Maternity photos | Memphis Photographer

Hi guys! Today I want to tell all you mommies out there how to prepare for your maternity session! I have come to find that most mommies to be dont realize what goes into a maternity session. Most mommy to be's think I am either going to take a whole bunch of pictures of theyre belly completely nude or I am going to put them in some lace gown and drag them out into the wild blue yonder for everyone to see them and take pictures of them, and then shortly after think YIKES there is no way I am comfortable with any of that. Well first of let me put your mind to ease by letting you know that I wont ever do anything that your not comfortable with, one of the first things I do after you call me and book your date is set a time for us to sit down and discuss what is it exactly you want out of your maternity session. If your maternity session does not reflect you and your style your not going to like them and your not going to want them in your house, which also means I didnt do my job!

We talk about what you want out of your session if you would like images of your bare belly, we can do that. If you would rather images of your husband and you around your house I do that as well... my main focus is you! I want you to be completely relaxed in knowing that I have your best interest in mind and am only going to do what you feel comfortable with, after all you have enough on your plate to worry about with baby on the way, without having to worry about me and your maternity session!

I suggest having a couple things handy just based off your comfortability, I would have a white tank top and some white undies handy and then a beautiful dress or sweater and jeans that accentuates your beautiful belly. As far as location goes that will be something we talk about before your big day and something that varies by each individual. I really enjoy taking those sweet lifestyle images with mommy and daddy around the house, in the nursery, on the couch... ones for you to remember your last couple months as just a couple, but if you would like to go out to a beautiful tulip filled park we can do that as well.

Open sweaters and kimonos are always a mommy to be's best friend. I also suggest a little girl time the week before your session, go get your toes and nails done with your best friend or mom, go have a little relaxation day and get your hair done(I would not suggest anything drastic the week before your shoot). no matter what you do I want you to remember this is all about you and your sweet bundle of joy! Dont hesitate to give me a call so we can get your maternity session booked, I always suggest having your session done towards the end of your 2nd trimester and the beginning of your third that way you have a good bump to photo but your not uncomfortable! Hope to hear from you soon!

Jessie Anne

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