Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom

Hey there! Today I want to get real with you guys, not that I haven’t ever been but I guess what I am saying is I want to be serious with you guys for a minute. There is a disease, that unless you or a family member has it, most of the time you don’t know about it. It’s called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I have had it since I was about 20-21 years old. Some women are born with it and some acquire it. I acquired it. It makes having babies hard, real hard and makes your cycle even harder as it does whatever it wants instead of what it is supposed to do, lol. There is not a cure at this time; there are only ways to manage it. I currently take Metformin to help manage my cycle, there are oth

What do I REALLY need when baby gets here?

So you get the positive pregnancy test, and you’re excited but you’re also thinking …. NOW WHAT?!? So you Google… What to do when you’re pregnant What to do when you get a positive pregnancy test? What to do next?? So you call your OBGYN and make an appointment, and after that appointment they’ve calmed your excited nerves enough that your thinking somewhat straight again. Then you start getting excited about the fun part, preparing which means buying which means decorating!! YaY!!! Shopping trip for the girls or mom or maybe you and hubby, but what do you buy and what do you register for?? That’s where we have come in, you go back to Google and found our amazing litt

Fourth of July Minis!!

Hi there everyone!! I wanted to let y’all know about this awesome new thing I’m doing this year! I am doing Fourth of July Mini Sessions!! 1 Saturday only! Saturday June 30th I will be doing mini sessions in 20 minute intervals, with these sessions you get: 10 edited digital images A Print release for those images And A Facebook timeline cover These mini sessions are for everyone! Whether you want baby wrapped in a flag or Daddy in his uniform holding baby with the flag, or you want your kiddos in their Fourth of July best, we can even do couples, maternity or a senior mini session with the flag! It will be Fun for All!! So make sure you get your 20 minute session booked before they are all

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