Preparing for Baby in Memphis | Memphis Newborn Photographer

Hey there! Today I thought I would talk about some of my favorite places to prepare for baby around the Memphis area. I have several area places that are awesome about helping their momma’s and daddies to be with preparing for baby. If you’re anything like me you would rather go someplace that a friend or someone has been and had an amazing experience, that’s why I thought I would write a nice little blog helping my momma’s find a totally awesome place that they may not have known about. Itty bitty bella- gifts of flight and fancy, which is quite the truth this cute little store will make you feel like you’re in another world with all the cute little items for the little one in your life or

Photography for Moms 101 | Memphis Newborn Photographer

My mom was our family’s photographer. She was always taking photos, and the moments she captured were priceless, not always the best but priceless lol. My Dad was quite the photographer too! Prior to having me, He took photos of hot air balloons (that’s where my logo came from!) and landscapes as well as anything else that piqued his interest. I guess I come by my love of photography naturally and over the years I’ve enjoyed sharpening my skills with the thousands upon thousands of photos I’ve taken of “my babies and Mommas”. I’ve loved capturing priceless, everyday moments just like my dad once did. I’ve reveled in seeing the world behind the lens of my camera. Going back and looking at my

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