Hi I'm Jessie Anne! 


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I am a… 

lover of all animals,especially my two puppies.I am a Christian Woman. I love coffee and don't understand those who don't. I love to camp and be outside. I try to be healthy but I am a junk food nut. I hate the gym but love how it makes me feel. Cheesecake is my favorite desert. I, like most like to have a good drink every now then, usually with good friends and good laughs. Central BBQ is my favorite (the original on Central). My Favorite weekend is any where I end up by a bonfire, on the beach or in the woods. I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan as I lived there for 6 years. I am a memphis native and after living in several different cities coming home and becoming a Memphis area photographer just feels right.I truly love what I do. I absolutely adore Maternity and Newborn photography.I enjoy capturing genuine emotions and faces,those little moments that are gone forever,impossible to reproduce. 




The reason...

My dad loved photography, even his mom(my grandma) loved photography so I guess you can say I've got it in my blood, lol. My dad had a passion for hot air balloons and loved capturing them on film, that's why when I figured out what I wanted to do I knew that had to be my logo. I moved to Kansas City at a young age, to get out on my own and discover who I was. In discovering who I was I bought my first camera,ended up making lifetime friends in my two fur babies, Keiko and Tess and realized I wanted to be a mom, I guess you can say that is what drew me towards maternity and newborn photography. There is just something about creating a beautiful life to love and care for something unlike any other relationship you will ever have.Life is Precious.Babies are miracles and they change every single day from the day they are born. They require patience and skill to safely capture those first days and I would be honored to be your babies first photographer!

Jessie Anne


Keiko is my first baby, she is a 10 year old puggle, which for those of you who don't know is a mix between a pug and a beagle. She loves to sleep and snuggle, but she also likes keep an eye out the front window.

my girls...


"We love because he first loved us"

                              1 John 4:19

Tess is my black lab, and she is just that! She does every stereotype you hear of black labs, lol! She is my big baby, she is only 90lbs! but oh does she believe she is 10, I love her to death and wouldn't know how to edit without her at my feet.